Generation C, a new generation? NOT

Born digital generation C e-business

Nothing is permanent

As in life, things change. And so is true in the world of business. The models and practices that have been taught for generations are tested in a time when customer and employee behaviors and resulting expectations are evolving without official study, strategy and systematic transformation.

Connected generation

It’s everyone who uses a smartphone, a tablet, or any smart device. It’s someone who takes selfiesand takes pictures and videos at every live event. It’s also that person who checks Twitter and Facebook each morning before email for mentions of their name and see what they might have missed. It is for all intents and purposes, you and me.

Online ontwikkeld zich razend snel dat is niet nieuw. #generation-c is niet nieuw! We moeten ze alleen willen zien…

 Check >> Digital: Meet Generation C, a new generation of connected customers.


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